Wojciech Kic, the founder of MANAGERENTHOUSES, has published several articles which have become well-known in the property management world. They appeared originally in the Enricher, Houston Business Journal, San Antonio Business Journal and re-appear here by permission. These articles are filled with insights into human nature and the art of property management. They are based on the experience of managing over 5,000 individually owned rent houses over the last 30 years.

Where can I find a house to rent?

Thank you for the question. In the Greater Houston area, based on the Multiple Listing Service, as of today, there are 36 houses for rent for less than $800 a month out of 8,996 available listings. To find a suitable property, please contact any Realtor.

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Houston economy suffering from declining oil prices?

For now it appears that rental rates on most single family houses managed by our firm are mostly steady.  At this time, we are also projecting that rental rates will remain steady for the balance of 2016. Thank you.

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How does the forum work on this site?

Please ask a question regarding management of rent houses and we will post an answer, usually within 24 hours. We appreciate your business!

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